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Our Global

Servier’s medicines are prescribed in 150 countries. The Group’s strategy of establishing local operations enables it to offer therapeutic solutions adapted to the specific characteristics of each country.



Strong roots in France


Servier is the second-largest French pharmaceutical laboratory. The Group has 5,000 employees in France along with its headquarters, two production sites (98% of its active ingredients are manufactured in France), two research institutes (more than 70% of the researchers are based in France) and an International Center for Therapeutic Research (ICTR). With this strong local footprint, the Group has a significant industrial and economic impact through its research and production activities. The creation of the future Servier Paris-Saclay Research Institute confirms its ongoing commitment to local economic development and to supporting the attractiveness of French research.


Global clinical research


Servier has 15 International Centers for Therapeutic Research (ICTRs) located in strategic countries around the world. Their role is to conduct local clinical studies in the Group’s five therapeutic areas. These ICTRs are run by highly qualified internal teams who share the same values and the same high standards. Servier’s international research plays a fundamental role in the development of its product portfolio. Another advantage is that it facilitates the creation of partnerships with local stakeholders.


Servier BioInnovation: a network for innovation


As part of its innovation strategy, the Group is progressively implementing the Servier BioInnovation network throughout the world. The goal? To identify the best opportunities for research partnerships, licensing agreements, and acquisitions with the largest biomedical and life sciences innovation centers. Servier currently has two representative offices, one in Boston in the United States and another in Beijing in China.