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In addition to compliance with the various regulations, Servier’s compliance policy is defined in line with the Group’s vocation and guides all employees in a process of integrity and exemplary behavior. Together with the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility, it is an essential component of Servier’s ethics.

For Servier, the respect of compliance rules is a guarantee of transparency, but also a lever of performance and trust, enabling the Group to achieve its strategic objectives with integrity.

From day to day, compliance enables to share, to make live and to guarantee the ethics of the Servier Group. Respecting the rules of compliance, which reflect the requirements of laws, regulations and other professional codes, contributes to the sustainability of the Group’s activities, develops the confidence of stakeholders and spreads Servier’s excellence throughout the world. That is why the Group regularly consolidates its compliance system, for example by increasing the resources and resources dedicated to compliance worldwide, by deploying a dedicated anti-corruption system and technological tools, and by incorporating compliance in our global risk management strategy.

Image representing the daily respect of compliance rules
Photo of employees in a meeting discussing the fundamental Ethics and Code of Conduct guidelines

Compliance rules apply to all employees, managers and partners in all countries in which the Group operates.

In their day-to-day operations, employees can rely on the two fundamental guidelines, the Ethics Charter and the Code of Conduct, as well as on the body of written rules and training provided by the Compliance program. The Group relies on a Compliance Committee and its Ethics Office to ensure that the Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct are properly applied and complied with.

The Servier Group’s ethical commitment also extends to all its partners. The third-party compliance due diligence process ensures that each partner of the Group that may present a risk of corruption or reputational risk in their engagement with the Group shares these same requirements.

The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct guides employees on the appropriate attitude to maintain in order to prevent situations of corruption, influence peddling, fraud, or conflicts of interest. It also includes best practices in the areas of competition and personal data protection. Employees and partners also have access to an online platform, where they can express their concerns to the Ethics Office in real time and raise alerts in the event of non-compliance with the rules.

Photo of Servier employees discussing the Code of Conduct
Photo of a seminar with partners

A responsible approach to stakeholder relationships

Servier maintains a dialogue with policymakers and other stakeholders from the healthcare sector with the aim of strengthening the Group’s ability to anticipate, take part in the evolution of its environment, and improve health and quality of life for patients. Servier conducts this dialogue with the utmost integrity and in a transparent manner, to avoid discrediting or reducing confidence in the Group and the pharmaceutical industry. Corporate guidelines for Responsible lobbying have been established to guide these activities. These guidelines apply to all Servier employees and third parties retained by Servier to lobby on behalf of the Group, in every country where Servier operates.