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Our commitments

At Servier, we believe that providing future generations with a healthier world is the very essence of our mission. As a leading pharmaceutical company, we work towards our purpose with passion, dedication, and determination.

First and foremost, our conviction embodies patient-centricity, as well as our code of ethics and compliance, our corporate social responsibility policy, and our endowment fund.

We nurture individual and collective commitment by giving our employees a fulfilling and rewarding work environment conducive to creativity and innovation.


Patients come first. They are central to each of our activities, starting with the primary investigative research of a molecular entity all the way to marketing the finished medicinal product.

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Our ethics

As a responsible healthcare provider, we are committed to promoting a culture of ethics and integrity in all our activities.

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Compliance policy

Compliance rules help each employee act in accordance with the standards of integrity and ethics of the group.

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CSR approach

We want the Servier group to consistently be recognized as an involved healthcare provider who makes positive and responsible contributions with the intention of preserving the future of all.

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Supplier relationship

We are committed to responsible procurement.

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