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Ambitious strategic objectives for 2025


Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Transformation

The Covid-19 crisis has served to demonstrate just how important agility and the ability to reinvent ourselves are if we are to tackle unforeseen events. In a market that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, the Group has set itself six objectives for 2025 to improve its performance, finance future growth and guarantee widespread access to high quality health care. To achieve these objectives, we are picking up the pace of our transformation in all our activities and across our entire organization. This holistic transformation concerns not only our processes, but also the ways we work as well as our individual and collective behavior.

The engagement and buy-in of the Group’s 22,500 employees are essential; the vast diversity of their profiles is a powerful driver of performance. It is by pooling all our efforts that we will achieve the highest possible levels of performance in terms of treatments, financial metrics and labor concerns. We can catalyze engagement across the Group by clearly setting out and sharing our objectives, which also represent exciting opportunities for personal and collective growth.