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Sustainable Development Weeks: engaging employees across the globe!

At Servier, we are determined to create a meaningful impact for patients and for a sustainable world. As part of this ambition, the European Sustainable Development Weeks were the perfect occasion to spark conversations, raise awareness and engage our staff worldwide on topics of sustainability.

The Servier Sustainable Development Weeks ran from September 18th to October 6th, with two major initiatives.

Servier Climate School: understanding and addressing environmental challenges

At Servier, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our activities and products. So, how do we get all 21,400 of our employees on board with this journey?

To combat environmental crises effectively, we must first understand them. That’s why we launched Servier Climate School on September 18th with a first series of engaging contents. Available to all employees, these courses provide easy-to-understand, science-based information through a mix of videos, quizzes, and interactive materials.

+ 1,000

employees completed the courses within 3 weeks of launching.

“Climate change affects every aspect of a company’s operations, from business models and risks to strategic decisions, job roles, and work methods. These courses allow us to understand environmental challenges and their impact on our society and our business. They will also help us learn about what we can do, both as individuals and as professionals, for a sustainable future.”

Vincent Minvielle, Group CSR Director

Servier Clean Up Days Challenge: simple steps to reduce our carbon footprint




sites and affiliates

Email inboxes, cloud storage, electronic equipments – these components contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of our modern workplaces.  

With Servier Clean Up Days Challenge, employees are invited to declutter, sort and organize our digital and physical spaces. The initiative aims to encourage everyone to embrace and promote eco-friendly practices.

Sustainable development: our initiatives across the world

We aspire to be a pharmaceutical company that innovates with and for patients. We aim to reinforce our social added value to People, and to limit impacts of our activities and medicines on the planet.

Here’s a snapshot of two local CSR initiatives:

INDIA: Driving sustainable business with positive impact

For over three years, Servier India has been consciously engaging with small & marginal farmers, for sourcing raw material for an active ingredient. The sourcing involves multiple stakeholders in the collection supply chain for performing activities like quality segregation, packaging and logistics. In all these processes, we create value for the farming communities through responsible purchasing and creation of employment opportunities. These actions foster harmony between the social, economic and environmental pillars, positively impacting people and nature. 

SPAIN – Reducing our carbon footprint while saving electricity through energy efficiency

Since 2020, our sites in Spain have been using 100% renewable energy. In order to optimize our carbon footprint, Servier Spain installed a total of 670 photovoltaic modules, in both Toledo and Madrid sites, with a total surface of 1,340 m2. The electricity produced by the installation is approximately 450,000 kWh/year, almost 10% of the total electrical consumption represents about 125 tCO2e avoided.

Read our CSR report

Read our CSR report