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Servier invests 100 million euros in a new production unit at its Oril Industrie site

On November 23, during the 10th edition of the National Industry Week in France, the Servier Group invited institutions and media to a visit of the construction site of its new production unit on its site of Oril Industrie in Normandy. This €100 million investment will double the production of the active ingredient in its medicine Daflon® by 2023, while meeting the Group’s CSR commitment.

Picture of Servier's plant

Servier has always pursued a long-term investment strategy in favor of production and innovation in health care in France, for the benefit of patients.

Thanks to this investment strategy, Servier now produces 98% of the active ingredients of its brand-name medicines1 at the Oril Industrie site (i.e. approximately 2,000 tons each year), which are shipped to the Group’s 9 pharmaceutical production sites for brand-name medicines prescribed mainly in the fields of cardiology, neurosciences, and diabetes in 150 countries.

Servier reinforces the production of the active ingredient of Daflon®

Oril Industrie is currently responsible for its production. Servier has decided to set up a new production unit in order to meet the strong growth in global demand and to strengthen its industrial base in France. Through this €100 million investment, the Group will double and secure production capacity, from 1,500 to 3,000 tons, by the summer of 2023.

… while reducing its impact on the environment

The creation of this new production unit on the Oril Industrie site will be accompanied by the implementation of innovative manufacturing processes through the introduction of a new synthesis method aimed at improving the efficiency and environmental performance of active ingredient production.

This new synthesis method allows the current solvent to be replaced by a recyclable solvent that is easier to biodegrade. The production unit currently under construction is in line with the Group’s CSR approach, which includes a commitment to greener chemistry with, in particular: a biomethanization workshop that recovers thermal energy to heat part of the site and a wastewater treatment plant to manage aqueous waste.


“Servier guarantees the production of the active ingredients of its brand-name medicines internally as much as possible, not only to ensure independence in the supply of active substances, but also to guarantee the quality and safety of its drugs through complete control of the entire production process, from design to distribution. Thanks to this mastery of manufacturing processes and the expertise acquired in the field of research and development of active ingredients, Servier is able to provide patients with medicines that offer a high level of quality,”

Pierre Venesque, Executive Vice President Industry of the Servier Group

This investment by the Servier Group in the Oril Industrie site contributes to the achievement of the objectives of industrial competitiveness, health independence, and ecological transition in France, and more widely in Europe.

Picture of Servier plant

1. The active ingredient is the molecule which, in a medicine, is used to treat a disease.