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Focus on Blue March: Our commitment to patients with colorectal cancer

Servier is joining Digestive Cancers Europe (DiCE), a non-profit organization representing patients, in its annual campaign against colorectal cancer. European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, or ECCAM, runs the entire month of March (Blue March). Together, our goal is to contribute to improving colorectal cancer screening programs while offering new initiatives to widely inform and build awareness about the importance of prevention and early detection of the signs and symptoms of this cancer.

Photo of a colorectal cancer patient

Colorectal Cancer: when screening comes too late

Colorectal cancer is a common disease and one of the most widely diagnosed cancers in the world, ranking third behind lung cancer and liver cancer. It affects almost as many women as men1.

At Servier, patients are at the heart of every decision we make. This ambition is symbolized by PROMETCO, the first real-world evidence study in oncology conducted by our teams specifically focused on metastatic colorectal cancer.

Did you know?

Developed jointly with the non-profit patient organization DiCE, PROMETCO will give us a more accurate picture of metastatic colorectal cancer management from the perspective of both patients and physicians.

In the fight against colorectal cancer, PROMETCO is seen as an innovative real-world evidence study. The publication of the study’s expands the current pool of medical knowledge on colorectal cancer and provides invaluable support to medical teams. PROMETCO is thus paving the way toward significant advances in oncology.

In an article published on July 13, 2023 by the medical journal Future Oncology2, PROMETCO was hailed as the first international real-world evidence study on the continuum of care for patients with colorectal cancer.

Our actions in conjunction with the non-profit patient organization DiCE continue through the international program SHAPE (Support Harmonized Advances for better Patient Experiences). This initiative consists in providing patient support through various means, including brochures designed jointly with patient advocates. These brochures cover the crucial aspects of living day-to-day with the disease and include numerous tips.

Our involvement in SHAPE illustrates an inclusive approach to improving patients’ lives. By combining our skills and giving a voice to people who are directly impacted, together we are striving to build a future where patient support is the result of true cooperation between Servier, health care professionals, and patients or their caregivers.

Brochures for patients

My Mood

“Looking after your emotional health for people with metastatic colorectal cancer”

Brochures for patients


“Getting more from your conversations with health care professionals” – for people with metastatic colorectal cancer

Brochures for patients


“Eating well with gastrointestinal cancer”


Brochures for patients


“Guiding you through the different stages of living with metastatic gastrointestinal cancer”

Brochures for patients


“A Practical Guide to Moving More for people with metastatic colorectal cancer”

Brochures for patients


“A guide to finding trustworthy information online related to gastrointestinal (GI) cancers.”

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[2] Real-world evidence research in metastatic colorectal cancer: raising awareness of the need for patient contributions – Future Oncology, July 2023