Servier appoints Bertrand Renaud as Chief Patient Officer


Paris, May 31, 2021 – Servier, an independent international pharmaceutical Group, announces the appointment of Bertrand Renaud as Chief Patient Officer.

Bertrand Renaud will lead the Global Patient Affairs department, whose mission is to integrate the voice of the patient at every stage of the drug life cycle. His main objective will be to coordinate, promote, and develop patient engagement within the Group and its subsidiaries around the world, in collaboration with patients and patient organizations. His role is to harness internal and external resources to better understand patients’ expectations, listen to their feedback on the disease and involve them in every stage of the drug life cycle, from research to support beyond medical treatment.

Bertrand Renaud will continue the work already begun by his predecessor, Lode Dewulf, in order to strengthen the “patient culture” within the Group and the collaborative work dynamic with patients and patient associations. In R&D, for example, patient representatives are already involved in 25% of the Group’s study protocols, in order to take into account all aspects of the disease and the constraints it imposes. Servier is also recognized as a partner of choice in oncology, in tenth place in the PatientView 2019 ranking of patient groups in this field.

With a degree in general medicine and more than 30 years of experience within the Group in France and internationally, Bertrand Renaud has established a solid culture of the patient environment around the world. He has held various positions of responsibility in the Middle East, as well as in Asia, where he participated in the founding of the Servier office in Cambodia and contributed to the development of the Group operations in Vietnam and Indonesia.


“It is with great pride that I welcome this appointment. As a physician, I have always placed the human being at the heart of my scientific and professional endeavors. I am thoroughly convinced that the benefits for patients will be even greater if medicine is developed with them. Just like health care professionals and researchers, patients and their families are health care stakeholders who must be listened to in order to improve health care pathways and provide therapeutic solutions that take into account the individual and his or her environment,” says Bertrand Renaud.


“We are delighted with the appointment of Bertrand Renaud as Chief Patient Officer. This appointment will further strengthen the Group’s commitment to supporting patients in their fight against disease, by placing them at the heart of every decision,” says Dr Philippe Gonnard, Executive Vice President Global Medical & Patient Affairs and Chief Medical Officer of Servier.