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Therapeutic innovation to meet the challenge of rare diseases

The goal of International Rare Disease Day is to raise awareness among general audience and decision-makers about rare diseases and their impact on the daily lives of those affected and their loved ones. So, at Servier, we support the “Rare Disease Day” campaign. To learn more, visit

300 million

Approximately 300 million people live with a rare disease2


of rare diseases affect children3


Less than 5% of rare diseases have the benefit of treatment4

Did you know?

Rare diseases are very different from one other. The majority of them are of genetic origin, although environmental, infectious and even microbiological factors can intervene. These diseases are generally serious, chronic, disabling and progressive, and can quickly become life-threatening.

At Servier, our goal is to meet patients’ medical needs and improve their quality of life. For example, in neuroscience, we are focusing our R&D efforts on the discovery of new medicines that slow the progression of diseases with a genetic origin. Our goal is to provide significant therapeutic benefits to patients whose medical and therapeutic needs are unmet. 

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