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Servier reveals a new visual identity

Since 2015, Servier is committed to a transformation aimed at improving the company’s long-term performance and ensuring the sustainability of its unique governance model for the ultimate benefit of patients. This transformation, with results that are visible to all of its stakeholders, led Servier to change its visual identity with a brand platform that reflects the Group’s renewal.

This new identity expresses what animates and represents Servier’s uniqueness: an independent group, governed by a foundation, committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs.

“I want to thank all the employees of the Group who contribute to the success of the company’s profound transformation, recognized worldwide by healthcare professionals, patient associations and our partners. The path we have travelled has allowed us to value our uniqueness: Servier is a Group governed by a foundation whose ultimate beneficiary is and will always be the patient. This independence allows us to invest in the long-term for the development of innovative therapeutic solutions to meet high unmet medical needs.

The new visual identity includes a redesign of the Group’s historic logo. The “moved by you” signature and the star symbolize the Group’s proximity to its stakeholders (patients, partners and employees). The smile, represented by the curve of the “R”, provides hope to patients. “It symbolizes the passion, empathy, expertise and innovation that characterize Servier”

Olivier Laureau, President of Servier

Discover the “reveal” film of the Servier brand

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Servier has also defined a 2030 ambition: Servier 2030, to accelerate its transformation dynamics in order to ensure, over the long term, its independence and value creation for all its stakeholders,  make a meaningful social impact and contribute to a sustainable world.

“Our Group is founded on a vocation that inspires us and around strong values that support us. The initiated transformation and our ambition represent a new chapter in our history. More than ever, with Servier 2030, we are focused on innovation and positive social impact thanks to an improved profitability and bold choices”

Olivier Laureau, President of Servier

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