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Servier has signed the “French transparency charter on the use animals for scientific and regulatory purposes”

Servier is one of the 30 signatories of the charter. The objective of this charter is to federate public and private research actors around their commitment to transparency on the use of animals.

The search for new therapeutic solutions requires an integrated approach based on the complementarity of multiple experimental methods in silico (computer modeling…), in vitro (cell cultures…), in ‘omics (proteomics, genomics, … ) and the use of live animals in vivo. In silico and in vitro models are widely used but can only partially replace animal models in the current state of knowledge. In vivo research is therefore essential to our discovery of innovative treatments for the benefit of patients.

GIRCOR (Refection and Communication Interprofessional Group on Research), in charge of the elaboration of this charter, has contacted a large number of public and private research institutions in order to bring a transparency approach regarding the use of animals for scientific or regulatory purposes.

Beyond strict compliance with regulations, ethics and animal welfare have always been a concern of the Servier Group.

The signature of this charter reinforces once again this will and is in total coherence with the Servier CSR policy “Focused on its business practices”.

The four essential pillars of this charter commit each of the signatories to :

  • Explain the reasons and conditions for using animals for scientific and regulatory purposes
  • Disseminate information to the general public and the media
  • Facilitate information flow with the general public and the media
  • Produce an annual document outlining the progress regarding public information

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