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Mécénat Servier supports the victims of earthquakes in Turkey by building a community center

In response to the devastating earthquakes in Turkey this past February, Mécénat Servier has donated €500,000 to Needs Map, to build a 434m2 community center in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey.

Needs Map is a social cooperative that brings people in need together with individuals and organizations who seek to lend a helping hand. Ever since the earthquake in Turkey, the non-profit has provided aid and support where it is most needed.

Apart from the immediate need for temporary shelter after the earthquake, community centers are also vital because they offer families an opportunity to take part in social and solidarity activities.

Community centers are a sustainable solution, enabling communities to further their education, which, in turn, helps to improve living conditions in the wake of a disaster.

They make for a comfortable living space intended to create a peaceful environment for families who have the chance to participate in everyday activities such as cooking, reading and cultural events.

With its innovative design, the center has a flexible, layout that can be converted into spaces to cater for a range of  gatherings and activities. The center will not only benefit families at the shelter, but all families living in the neighbourhood, who will also have access to all the programs.

Construction of the center is scheduled for completion by no later than the end ofAugust.

“On February 6th, more than 50,000 people died in our country, leaving over 1.5 million homeless and living in harsh conditions. Millions have lost family members, jobs and life savings, with their hopes dashed. The sheer scope of the challenge is almost beyond comprehension.While supporting the emergency response, we look ahead to the massive effort that will be needed to restore normal life in the area. We know how important learning and routine is for children and their recovery and we know all too well how important well-being and socializing is for one and all. The purpose of this community center is to provide a structure in the shelter city that will host many NGOs to implement training, educational and social programs. The Center will be the one and only place for neighborhood communities to find the opportunity and space to rebuild their lives in dignified conditions. This is why we are proud of our partnership and our ability to make a positive social impact on the ground, together with Mécénat Servier.”

Esra Arslan, Board Member of Needs Map.

Working in tandem with Servier’s subsidiary in Turkey, this initiative will enable employees to provide prompt assistance through skills-based sponsorship as soon as the center opens.

“Each and every Turkish person has experienced such difficult times these past few months and we are thrilled to be able to transform our collaboration with Needs Map into a joint project by building a community center that will benefit more than 500 families in the region hit by the earthquake.

We are proud to be a part of a Group that is responding to the the unmatched show of solidarity toward the Turkish people, thanks to Mécénat Servier. Last but not least, across the board, our local team is fully focused on actively participating in this initiative to ensure that it delivers meaningful impact and sustainability through our efforts to help affected families rebuild their lives”

Guillaume Recorbet, General Manager of Servier Türkiye.

In these unprecedented times, Mécénat Servier will continue to stand in solidarity with those in need.