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Servier: Committed to and with patients

What sets us apart at Servier is our commitment to working hand in hand with patients at every stage of the drug lifecycle. We are convinced that this close collaboration is essential to accelerate the development of tailored therapeutic solutions. In this regard, our teams are multiplying initiatives to actively involve patients and their associations, from the diagnostic phase to the use of treatments.

The strength of our patient engagement is illustrated by the success of the PatientView. Twelve international or European patient associations collaborated with Servier in 2023.

We were ranked 14th (up 12 places) based on the PatientView survey1 on the reputation of pharmaceutical companies with patient organizations that work with us. We also moved up eight places to rank 20th with patient organizations that know the Servier Group. In oncology, we are ranked 2nd by the patient organizations that work with the Servier Group. These very good results highlight our commitment to working increasingly closely with patients and the patient organizations that represent them, particularly in oncology.


international or European patient associations collaborated with Servier in 2023

4th /24

with patient organizations that know us for oncology (+4 places)

One of our flagship initiatives is the creation of the Patient Committee in Paris-Saclay, an innovative partnership bringing together 18 patients with different pathologies. The Servier Saclay Research & Development Patient Board was launched in November 2021 to inform patients, listen to their needs, and gather their ideas. It concluded at the end of 2023. A positive experience that leads our teams to reflect on the evolution of this Board, to better meet the needs of patients.

Five working groups were set up with Servier employees and patients covering different topics:

  • Creation of a Patient Advisory Council to integrate the voice of patients throughout the life cycle of medicines within the Group’s therapeutic projects.
  • Finding ways of visually representing patients at the R&D Institute in Paris-Saclay, with the aim of reflecting the impact of medical research on patients’ lives.
  • Integration of patients within the start-up incubator Spartners in order to better engage patients in the start-up ecosystem.
  • Decentralized trials: jointly developing decentralization guidelines that will apply to future clinical trials.
  • Training program on patient engagement for Servier Group employees to incorporate patient engagement into our R&D projects.

However, our commitment is not limited to therapeutic innovation. Thus, at Servier, we are committed to successfully implementing initiatives co-created with and for patients.

World tour of patient initiatives

Our in-house platform “Patient In’itiatives World” aims to bring together all the initiatives carried out for and with patients across all our operating countries. At the end of September 2023, 147 projects were implemented around the world, including 100 carried out with patient associations.

Germany: A campaign against depression driven by patients

Servier Germany has launched a communication campaign on social networks to support patients suffering from depression. Our teams turned to four influencers, themselves suffering from depression, to test the program and share their opinions on their Instagram accounts via the hashtag #depressioncantwait. Between June and September 2023, the campaign was very successful, gathering more than 130,000 views from more than 118,000 people.

At Servier, we are driven by a profound commitment to creating a significant social impact for patients and for a sustainable world. This commitment lies at the heart of our ambition for 2030.

When inspiration meets action: dive into our CSR manifesto video and explore our CSR Report 2022-2023 showcasing our key performance indicators and initiatives as a responsible company.

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Read our CSR Report 2022-2023

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1 The PatientView 2022 survey was carried out with 2,207 patient organizations around the world. The findings concern 42 pharmaceutical groups in 27 different therapeutic areas.