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ACTNOWFORDIABETES: Let’s focus on therapeutic adherence

This November 14 is World Diabetes Day! On this occasion, we are renewing our commitment to the fight against diabetes with a new global awareness campaign #ACTNOWFORDIABETES, focusing this year on the importance of adherence. Our goal is to continue to inform and educate about the disease, in order to improve patient care.

Diabetes, and more specifically type 2 diabetes, affects 537 million people worldwide1 and its prevalence is increasing every year. Nearly one in two people are unaware that they have the disease, and type 2 diabetes is mainly diagnosed when serious complications occur: blindness, chronic kidney failure, cardiovascular disease…  

Did you know?

In 2040, the WHO estimates that there will be 622 million people with diabetes.

Described as a “lifestyle disease”, type 2 diabetes most often affects people who are overweight, smoke, have an unbalanced diet or are physically inactive. This global scourge is due in particular to late diagnosis and treatment, but also to insufficient compliance with treatment.

Awareness and education are therefore essential so that patients can benefit from the best practices to control the disease as early as possible and avoid long-term complications.

Our commitment to diabetic patients

Historically committed to patients with type 2 diabetes, we intend to play a major role in the prevention of the disease, beyond the use of medication. For several years now, we have been mobilizing with a worldwide awareness campaign, #ACTNOWFORDIABETES, aimed at improving the management of the disease for as many people as possible.

After raising awareness of the importance of early diagnosis, blood sugar control and appropriate treatment, we are continuing to inform and educate by focusing our new campaign on therapeutic adherence. Better adherence to hypoglycemic treatments can improve glycemic control, avoid complications and thus improve quality of life.

Act Now For Diabetes video on World Diabetes Day
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This global campaign will be deployed on social networks throughout the month of November in over 30 countries.

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“Understanding Diabetes”: a new e-learning program for patients

We support the International Diabetes Federation‘s (IDF) recently developed “Understanding Diabetes” e-learning platform, where training on the basics of blood glucose control is available free of charge. With tailored information, patients and caregivers now have the opportunity to learn more about the importance of blood glucose monitoring and better understand the role of blood glucose control in disease management.

We will also be present at the International Diabetes Federation Congress, organized this year in Lisbon from December 5 to 8, where we will be hosting one symposium.

1 – International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas, 10th edn. Brussels, Belgium: 2021. Consulté en juillet 2022.