Our uniqueness hinges on our mode of governance: we are governed by a Foundation. This structure safeguards our independence and allows us to invest over the long term for the benefit of patients, free from the short-term vision or constraints of financial markets. It is a tremendous opportunity that brings with it an immense responsibility.

Since the creation of our group, this vision has dictated our behaviours and commitments and encompasses our CSR policy and governance practices.

Our responsibility lies not only with the 94 million patients who are treated with our medicines on a daily basis, but also with our 21,600 employees, our stakeholders and partners, and our environment. The scope of our accountability is economic, social, and environmental and is fully exemplified within our CSR policy.

We want the Servier group to consistently be recognized as an involved healthcare provider who makes positive and responsible contributions with the intention of preserving the future of all.

In accordance with ISO 26000 protocol, our group was subject to rigorous and stringent evaluation. Together with a significant number of our stakeholders, we examined and analyzed their requirements, identified our priority issues, and then designed and implemented ambitious measures to address the major CSR challenges.


To meet these challenges, our CSR department relies on two entities:

A Strategic Committee that defines the main guidelines of engagement and the CSR strategy in close connection with the group’s overall strategy.

An Operations Committee in charge of defining and monitoring our major CSR projects with a view to reinforcing our CSR culture in the territories where we operate. The Operations Committee assists the Strategic Committee and provides support to all divisions.

Our mode of governance and existing organizations give us the means to honour our economic, social, and environmental commitments.


Our human capital is our greatest asset. Aware of the value and importance of our employees, we attach particular significance to our human resources policy. Underpinning this policy, our CSR approach is built around four main topics:

– Health and safety of all employees,
– Quality of work life,
– Managerial practices,
– Diversity and equal opportunity.

The health and safety of our teams is one of our group’s absolute priorities. Our facilities and methods of operation are designed to ensure that our work environments reflect this significance. At our industrial and research sites we have dynamic and effective Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies in place to disseminate a strong culture of prevention within our teams. In addition, we ensure that our managerial practices are respectful of individuals, that they promote fulfilment and independence, and that our employees are protected from all forms of harassment and discrimination.

We want to continue to increase diversity and equal opportunity. In particular, we have implemented an action plan on gender equality and are actively working towards breaking the barriers to the employment of people with disabilities. Additionally, because of our international dimension, we want to strengthen multiculturalism within our teams and make of our differences a source of enrichment.

We are committed to the well-being of our employees and strive to ensure they have a pleasant and serene work environment in which to grow and thrive. As such, we have introduced measures dedicated to further enhancing the quality of life at work.


Since the beginning, our responsibility towards the environment and our planet has always been a constant concern.

Our determination to contribute to improving patient health and medical progress on a day-to-day basis goes hand-in-hand with taking care of our environment and the necessity of preserving it for future generations.

Beyond strict compliance with applicable regulations, environmental issues are a real priority for our group. We have an unrelenting commitment to the optimized management of resources and protection of the natural environment.

This environmental concern is also part of our risk-management policy. We want to make sure our activities do not have an impact on the natural environment and we wish to take every precaution to prevent any industrial accidents or incidents.

Particular attention to environment concerns is accorded to our research and industry facilities and activities through the implementation of organizational, technical, and human measures. We deliberately and proactively minimise any form of environmental impact by reducing our emissions and waste, our consumption of energy and natural resources, and our greenhouse gas emissions.

Our property development projects around the world are also part of this environmentally friendly approach. We pay particular attention to integrating the architecture of our buildings into local landscapes, preserving the natural environment, and respecting local culture.