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Our partnership approach serves one goal: to bring life-changing treatments to patients faster. We strive to always put patients first, leading to better outcomes for ourselves and our partners.

Partnering focus

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A word from …

DR CLAUDE BERTRAND, Executive Vice President Research & Development

Our independence makes a difference. When it comes to early-stage partnerships we have a long-term view where we build the relationship with the partner. Our interest is in investing in innovation for the future.

A partner of choice


Servier is an independent pharmaceutical company committed to therapeutic progress to serve patient needs. Its unique governance allows Servier to reinvest all its profits to support its development, as well as plan and invest with a long-term view, in line with its vocation. Servier long-term vision applies to its partnership philosophy.


With €4.7Bn of revenue in 2020/2021 across 150 countries worldwide, the Group has a growing presence in the USA and Japan, a strong EU presence and a deep knowledge of emerging countries and China.


Servier is very focused on specialty care oncology and has proven expertise for over 60 years in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It is developing new therapeutic solutions to serve unmet patient needs. From R&D to commercialization, we have proven experience to help new therapeutic innovations become reality for patients, alone or with partners.


Servier is proud of what has been achieved with its partners so far. Servier has a strong track record of providing flexible partnership structures to its many partners, as well as an R&D infrastructure with people in France, Hungary and Boston and an extensive commercial knowledge of global markets.

Our evaluation process

Your time and experience are important to us. We give each opportunity due consideration and a thorough evaluation, while remaining conscious of the need for prompt decisions. The BD lead will remain your contact throughout the entire process.

1/ Triage and Initial Evaluation:

This initial step, conducted by our internal experts, aims at identifying and analyzing the best opportunities that fit with our therapeutic area roadmaps. This first step is the opportunity to create the initial bond between Servier and its potential future partner.

2/ Due Diligence:

Our Due Diligence team makes sure that discussions progress methodically, efficiently and effectively while enabling a thorough evaluation of the opportunity.

3/ Transaction :

With our team of seasoned BD professionals we ensure that negotiations and contracting processes are conducted in a smooth, efficient way to construct a mutually-beneficial partnership structure.

A word from …

ÉRIC FALCAND, Vice President, Global Business Development

Our extensive knowledge of global markets and wide geographic footprint means we can tailor our support to fit any partner profile to maximize the value of each partnership.

Alliance Management at Servier

We see Alliance Management as an essential component to the success of our partnering activities.
With an experienced team of different backgrounds, we can match the best skill set to the right partnership.

In practice, once the deal is executed, the alliance manager will work with you and ensure that:

  • We establish joint-governance committees and agree on working procedures in the alliance’s best interest
  • We facilitate alignment of expectations, acting as a single point of contact you can go to with issues
  • We maintain trust through transparency, allowing all parties to maximize the value of our alliance
  • We act on opportunities to reinforce and expand the relationship

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September 2022

ASAP BioPharma Conference 2022
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8 - 13
September 2022

SMO - European Society for Medical Oncology - Congress 2022
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13 - 14
October 2022

HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID)
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24 - 26
October 2022

BIO Europe (Fall) 2022
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