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Business Development & Licensing

A partnership with Servier means working closely with dedicated experts capable of implementing and developing alliances in over 90 countries.

A long-term and personalized relationship

The scope and complexity of science today require an open and cooperative network between all stakeholders in research. This is why we are always actively searching for research partnerships, with academic organizations as well as other pharmaceutical groups and biotechnology companies. Choosing a partnership with us means long-term investment, via our foundation-based structure. It means choosing scientific and medical excellence with our top scientists and extensive clinical expert network. Each partnership is unique, and creates a personalized relationship.

What we can offer you

A long-term and personalized relationship.
Proven track record in clinical development, including large-scale outcome studies
Strong network of contacts and an excellent reputation with top experts in the pharmaceutical sector.
Considerable R&D capabilities, including 2,900 exclusively dedicated staff and 15 International Centres for Therapeutic Research.
High level of commitment and scientific expertise.
Partnerships managed by dedicated teams of alliance professionals certified by ASAP.
Presence or commercial activity in more than 90 countries.

What we are looking for in business development

We are seeking opportunities in our 5 areas of research and development:

We are interested in all innovative “best-in-class” products, from the target stage to late-stage clinical trials, provided they bring true therapeutic innovation to areas of unmet needs.
We are also interested in licensing marketed, or near-market, products that complement our existing portfolio.
Out-licensing: We are looking for partners in Japan to license some of our drug candidates and medicinal products, and global partners for non-strategic products.
What types of agreements? - Global rights with or without the United States and Japan - Local and regional agreements - R&D collaborations starting immediatly or after option exercise




We currently have nearly 50 active alliances with biotech and pharmaceutical companies across all our areas of activity:

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    Each year, our teams take part in around 40 international scientific conferences. If you would like to meet us, talk with us, or propose a project, here is a list of the main partnering events for 2020:

    icon calendar
    24 - 29
    April 2020

    AACR American Association for Cancer Research
    icon location San Diego, USA
    icon calendar
    6 - 7
    May 2020

    ChinaBio Partnering Forum
    icon location Suzhou, China