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2019 / 2020

Some key figures



2nd largest pharmaceutical Group in France.

5th leading pharmaceutical Group in cardiology worldwide

Source: IQVIA Analytics Link, September 2020



(September 2020)



in which the Group’s medicines are distributed

23 %


from brand-name medicines invested in R&D in 2019/2020.

A word from …
OLIVIER LAUREAU, President of Servier

The health crisis has further bolstered our efforts to drive therapeutic progress.

Ambitious strategic objectives for 2025

€6,5 Bn 

Reach €6.5 billion in sales

€1,3 Bn

Reach an EBITDA of €1.3 billion

€1 Bn

Reach €1 billion in sales in oncology

Launch one new molecular
entity every three years,
including one by 2025

Stay within or reach
a top three position
in each of our indications

Reach optimal
engagement of the teams

2019/2020 Financial Results

€3.285 Bn

Revenue from brand-name medicines

23% of revenue from brand-name medicines reinvested in R&D

643 million boxes distributed

+ 2.9 increase in the volume of boxes distributed

96% of revenue from brand-name medicines generated outside France

€4.688 Bn

2019-2020 Group revenue

+3.6% annual growth (at constant exchange rates)

€1.403 Bn

Revenue form generic medicines

Biogaran : 876 m

Egis : 477 m

Autres : 50 m

539 million boxes distributed

+ 5.3% increase in the volume of boxes distributed

A governance model underpinned by independence and a long-term vision

A comprehensive range of health care solutions

Influence of a French group on the world stage

Perspective n°1

Accelerating therapeutic innovation

Perspective n°2

Acting for and with patients

Perspective n°3

Guaranteeing access to health care for all

Perspective n°4

Preparing production facilities for tomorrow

Perspective n°5

Nurturing engagement