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Our healthcare offering

At Servier, we specialize in medicinal products. Our primary focus is and always has been researching, developing, fine-tuning, and marketing innovative therapeutics, also known as brand-name medicines.

Over the past decade, we have been forging agreements with other companies in order to access novel treatments. We also manufacture high-quality generic medicines which increase the number of treatment options for patients.

And because we believe in a comprehensive approach to healthcare, we offer e-health solutions to oversee the entire course of patient care, from prevention to follow-up. Our medicines and therapeutic solutions are designed to address unmet medical needs.

Our Servier medicines

Our portfolio of Servier medicines consists of some 20 families of medicines.

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Our generic medicines

Servier offers patients a wide range of 1,500 generic medicines covering most conditions.

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Our digital therapeutic solutions

The vocation of the e-health division, WeHealth™ Digital Medicine, is to improve the daily lives of patients and professionals through digital technology.

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