Our Financial results


Dominique Brissy

Executive Vice-President Finance & Information Systems

“We are one of the only pharmaceutical companies to reinvest an average of 25% of our turnover (excluding generics) into R&D each year. Our priority objective is to achieve a profit that allows us to maintain such a level of investment which guarantees future innovation, independence and sustainability.”

Our 2016 results


For the fiscal year ending in September 2016, we achieved growth of 2.7% over the previous year. Our turnover reached 4 billion euros, with Servier medicines accounting for 2.8 billion euros and our generics business lines bringing in 1.2 billion euros.

Our net results amounted to 188 million euros, or 5% of our turnover.

These results reflect the positive performance of our Servier medicines on the international market and the increase in sales of our generic medicines in France, Europe, the Community of Independent States (CIS), and Brazil.


Our international presence continues to grow: the total revenue (excluding France) is up by 8%, amounting to € 3.1 billion. Long-term investments, particularly in emerging countries, enable the Group to be a major player in many countries. China and Russia both represent 8% of total turnover, Canada 5% and Italy 3% followed by Romania, the fastest growing, in fifth place.

In only a few years, oncology has become a major axis of development: our turnover in this field has doubled in the past 12 months, reflecting the importance of innovation carried by the group.

With profit close to 10%, we improve our investment capacity for research in new therapeutic solutions.


Thanks to our structure as a wholly independent Group, without shareholders, Servier can invest the entirety of profits into therapeutic progress for the benefit of patients.