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The 36th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference: Servier steps up

Several Servier representatives traveled to San Francisco to take part in a don’t-miss event on the pharma industry calendar.

For the past 35 years, the annual symposium now hosted by J.P. Morgan has brought together pharma investors and stakeholders in San Francisco, an emblematic hub for innovation at the gateway to Silicon Valley. The four-day event in early January 2018 attracted more than 10 000 participants, who came to meet representatives from 450 research institutions and private and public companies. They included 30 members of Servier R&D, Business Development, and Alliance Management, as part of a team led by Olivier Laureau.

The digital and tech revolution has led to real disruption in the healthcare industry, unlocking unexpected new opportunities in areas such as artificial intelligence to analyze patient records, 3D views to help surgeons operate, and drones to deliver emergency healthcare. Alongside the focus on such innovations, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference cultivates contact between investors, researchers, and manufacturers, bringing together business leaders, financial backers, and institutional investors keen to explore market and industry trends.

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference provides a unique opportunity to meet new partners and has become the world’s biggest annual get-together for investors and innovators. Servier teams made the most of the event, squeezing in more than 179 meetings with present and future partners—the perfect opportunity to target new opportunities, strengthen ties, and cement Servier’s position as a key player in pharmaceutical innovation.