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Servier Philippines has been backing the non-profit Life Project 4 Youth for 2 years

For the past two years, the Servier Philippines subsidiary has been backing the non-profit Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y), which helps marginalized young people aged 17 to 24 to find work. LP4Y offers educational programs that help young people who suffer from extreme poverty or social exclusion to join the workforce.

LP4Y has received support from Servier Philippines since 2016, as part of the subsidiary’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) practice. Heeding the call of its slogan, “You and I can give more…HEADS, HEARTS & HANDS, employee volunteers from Servier partnered with LP4Y in 2 aspects.  First, by providing training to develop the youth’s skills and competencies which will prepare them for job opportunities then by providing hands-on experience to develop their entrepreneurial skills.  In all, 40 young people have already taken part in the ambitious program. Nine participants embarked on the classroom training, 15 developed their organizational and entrepreneurial skills within the framework of medical conventions, and 16 took part in a job fair with Group partners the company’s accredited vendors and suppliers.

“More than a year of active involvement in the missions of Life Project 4 Youth has taught me much about teamwork, accountability, assertiveness, and commitment. Rallying around a common cause has also helped develop relationships within our own team,” says Kristine Gay Coronel, CME Support Team Lead (CSR Lead Volunteer).

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