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Servier Netherlands mobilizes for Stem Cell Donation

Moved by the testimony of a patient suffering from a non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the Dutch teams mobilized.

A patient with leukemia or another serious blood disorder can be cured by receiving stem cells from a suitable healthy donor. Yet even today, it is extremely difficult to find a suitable donor for each patient in time: within the patient’s family, the probability of finding a suitable donor is only 30%. To cure as many patients as possible, it is therefore necessary to multiply the number of donors.

Photo of a patient with her doctor

It was the testimony of Cherie, a young woman who survived non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which inspired Servier Netherlands’ teams to mobilize for this cause. Through his intervention, the collaborators became aware that stem cell donation could save lives. The Dutch stem cell donation foundation Matchis then came to explain how stem cell donation works. A simple swab inside the mouth is enough to identify a possible compatibility.

As a result, 70% of Servier’s Dutch staff eligible for donation volunteered to become potential donors. A beautiful cause, perfectly in line with our Patient IN approach, which consists in acting on the real medical need expressed by patients.

According to Des Murphy, General Manager of Servier Netherlands, “this initiative is a great example of how listening to patients can lead to actions that can have a direct impact on their lives. It also reinforces our motivation to develop and launch new treatments for hematological disorders”.