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Servier China received a distinction for its Because I Say So campaign

Servier China opens the 2020 new year with the “Health China (2019) Health Welfare Project of the Year – Outstanding Organization Award”, for Because I Say So, the global high blood pressure awareness campaign. This campaign was launched by Servier last May with the support of the International Society of Hypertension in nearly 70 countries including China. The “#BecauseIsayso” Charity Activity is co-sponsored by the China Hypertension League and Shanghai Institute of Hypertension.

By using the power of the media to call attention to high blood pressure, the #BecauseIsayso campaign enables patients to understand the importance of blood pressure measurement.

“This will become an excellent model for constructing a disease awareness platform, carrying out comprehensive education on disease prevention and treatment, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among the public, not only in hypertension, but also in diabetes, cancer and other broader chronic diseases” said Stephane Mascarau, General Manager of Servier China.

In 2020, the Servier China #BecauseIsayso Project will continue to provide scientific health management knowledge and free clinics to patients with hypertension, advocating attention to blood pressure health and calling for adherence to standardized treatment.

Because I Say So in China:

  • Free clinics in 276 hospitals in 50 cities with the participation of 55,200 patients;
  • 120,000 healthcare professionals and 4.48 million patients covered through media exposure


Picture of Servier China's employees