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New Production Unit Inaugurated at Egis’ Körmend Plant

September 20, Egis inaugurated a new galenic plant in Hungary

On September 20th, Egis, Servier’s branded generic company subsidiary for Central and Eastern Europe, inaugurated its new galenic plant in Körmend, Hungary. The new galenic products – such as cream, ointment, aerosol, suppository, gel and solution – aim to offer treatment to diseases that do not have a fully satisfactory medical solution at the time or will represent new forms of effective treatment.

Inaugurated by the Hungarian Finance Minister, M. Mihály Varga, the new plant, with its 6 production lines, will produce 25 million packaging units per year. The new plant contributes to achieve Egis’ strategic goals and was funded partly by a direct grant from the Hungarian government and the EU. The goal is to continue the expansion on the exports markets with high quality competitive pharmaceutical products.

Egis works hand in hand with three Hungarian universities and research center for the research and development of new galenic. At the new plant, technologies related to manufacturing galenic products are used; medicines are equipped with unique box authentication and tamper-evident packaging. With the contribution of those partners, new products are developed in new pharmaceutical forms enabling certain treatments to be more effective for the patients.

Doing so, Egis continues to provide the highest quality and serve patients with all its skills, ensuring that they live a long and healthy life. The company is committed to contribute to the recovery of even more patients in the future.

“This new 4000 square meter plant with 6 production lines and a 25-million-unit capacity for the Group will launch the galenic production renewal of EGIS. It’s a huge asset for us with 15 M€ investment including 7,5 M€ subsidies. This new plant is the start of widescale investment plan in Körmend: first today the new galenic plant, then new packaging plant, Highly Potent production line to reinforce the quality and our commitment to serve patients’ needs.”  Didier Mochon, Managing Director Egis Operations

Check out the key figures of the new plant