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Egis strengthens its partnership with Semmelweis University

In February, Egis Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading generic companies in Central and Eastern Europe, the branded generic company of Servier, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary.

As long-standing partners, Egis and Semmelweis University have decided to strengthen their cooperation in R&D and to further improve the pharmacist and doctor training, taking advantage of the synergies in each other’s activities.

A more suited educational environment

As a world-renowned knowledge center, Semmelweis University intends to broaden the scope of its main activities (education, research and healing) by offering its students a more practical model of education and training that meets the needs of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to the university courses it offers (Egis – Pharmaceutical Industry from A to Z, Medicines Registration seminar) and the equipment it provides, Egis will set up an onsite department of university faculty at its sites. “Students will be able to attend university classes in a real industrial environment and to benefit from interactive plant visits in the unique, scientific, technological and professional training center of Egis,” says István Hodász, CEO of Egis.

A fertile ground for R&D

Evolving in an educational environment that encourages future doctors and pharmacists to express their talents and innovative ideas, after graduation, as practitioners through their work they add value to the development of the health industry.