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COVID-19: Servier China on the digital innovation front

At the forefront of digital innovation, Servier China has developed novel online healthcare practices to serve the people in COVID-19 affected areas. A first-rate digital innovation, rewarded by Ali Health, health subsidiary of Alibaba, the world leader in e-commerce.

In early 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic intensified the imbalance of healthcare resources and made it difficult for people in the affected areas – particularly those in Wuhan and the rest of Hubei – to get to the doctor, seek medical care and purchase drugs. A major challenge to which Servier China, already at the forefront of new technologies in the field of digital healthcare, responded quickly.

 Digital enabled services that include whole disease management process

Rapidly, Servier China was able to develop on a dedicated platform a panel of digital services that include the entire process of healthcare management, to solve the pressing needs of people at the epicenter.

Patients suffering from chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, heart failure) can consult a doctor without leaving their home, thanks to online free clinics set up with Haodaifu platform. The program has a wide coverage of 243 hospitals in 77 cities of 26 provinces throughout China.

They can also be informed about the supply of drugs to pharmacies since Servier China joined the Bar Code Tracking System platform. By scanning the code on their product packages, they can geolocate the closest pharmacy that is stocked with medication to make their purchases.

Patients can also access information and many useful tips on how to better manage their disease during containment by simply scanning the code.

Hailed for these digital advances in serving patients, Servier China has just won the first Golden Code Award from Ali Health (healthcare subsidiary of Alibaba), the flagship healthcare e-platform in China.

“During the COVID-19 outbreak, Servier China’s priority was helping patients maintain standardized treatment and healthy life management while avoiding aggregation and reducing the risk of infection. Thanks to all efforts deployed during the last months to improve our digital expertise, we have been able to quickly mobilize our digital services to respond to patients’ needs.”

Stephane MASCARAU, General Manager of Servier China.