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World Diabetes Day: promoting prevention, treatment, and care of diabetes


World Diabetes Day: promoting prevention, treatment, and care of diabetes

In November, through its global awareness campaign #ACTNOWFORDIABETES, Servier continues to inform and educate on the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

It has been 100 years since the discovery of insulin, which remains the only effective treatment for type 1 diabetes. On November 14, we are celebrating the annual World Diabetes Day, with a focus on access to diabetes care for all. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin (type 1) or when the body is unable to effectively process the insulin being produced (type 2). This leads to extra glucose in the blood.

With 463 million cases worldwide,1 diabetes is a chronic disease that can have serious consequences if left untreated, such as blindness, chronic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for around 90% of all diabetes.2 Sometimes called ‘the lifestyle disease’, type 2 diabetes often occurs in people who are overweight, smoke, have an unhealthy diet and are physically inactive. World Diabetes Day is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to these risk factors, to help slow the rates of type 2 diabetes onset.


How is Servier involved?

Servier is historically committed to type 2 diabetes patients. A few years ago, as part of its commitment to emphasizing the high unmet needs related to this chronic disease, the Group launched the #ACTNOWFORDIABETES global disease awareness campaign and this still continues today.

“The Group is launching the 2021 edition of #ACTNOWFORDIABETES awareness campaign focused on diabetes complications. The main objective of this campaign is to shed light on the importance of glycemic control and to encourage people to get checked,” says Meryam Jacob-Tahraoui, Global Metabolism Marketing Director at Servier.

Poster of the diabetes awareness campaign - #ActNowForDiabetesPoster of the diabetes awareness campaign - #ActNowForDiabetesPoster of the diabetes awareness campaign - #ActNowForDiabetes



Servier is historically committed to type 2 diabetes patients

Diabetes Words: an app created for patients with type 2 diabetes, their relatives and care givers, to accompany patients right from their diagnosis with access to valuable information to better understand their disease and thus improve their quality of life, which is available in 9 languages.

The Myhealthpartner website: a platform which provides information related to diabetes and other therapeutic areas.

The Patient-Doctor: Let’s Speak the Same Language brochure provides patients with type 2 diabetes with information and tips on how to better communicate with their health care provider. With recommended actions that may be undertaken before, during, and after the consultation, this brochure aims to improve the patient’s care and quality of life as well as giving them a greater role in the management of his/her health.



Type 2 diabetes: more than ever, the patient’s voice counts!

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