Our Financial Results

Dominique BRISSY

Executive Vice-President Finance
& Information Systems

“We are one of the only pharmaceutical companies to reinvest an average of 25% of our turnover (excluding generics) into R&D each year. Our priority objective is to achieve a profit that allows us to maintain such a level of investment which guarantees future innovation, independence and sustainability.”

Our 2017 results

The turnover of our financial year that ended on September 30 2017 came to 4.152 billion Euros, distributed between 2.945 billion Euros for Servier drugs and 1.207 billion Euros for generic drug-related activity. It has increased by 3.7% with respect to 2015/2016. Excluding non-recurring elements (accrued dues), the increase in turnover is 7.1%.

Our net income has reached 291 million Euros, i.e. 7% of the turnover.

The overseas activity, which is exercised in 149 countries, has increased by at least 10% in local currencies in Russia, Romania, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Philippines and Ukraine. These countries appear among our top 20 markets in terms of value.

Servier attained a turnover of more than 100 million Euros in 10 countries. The main contributing countries outside the E.U. are Russia, China and Canada. The turnover of the European Union, which has increased by 7%, represents 51% of the consolidated turnover.
The main contributing countries are France, for 70% with its generic activity, Poland and Italy.

This favourable dynamic, which is associated with special attention to expenditure and a resultant research effort, has enabled development by 14.2% of the operating income at 435 million Euros, all the while maintaining the R&D expenditure ratio at 25% of the princeps turnover, excluding upfront or milestones.

These results contribute to setting up our strategic approaches aimed towards the
realisation of our 10-year vision.