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Fight against
counterfeit medicines

The falsification of medicinal products is a growing phenomenon that affects all therapeutic classes and all types of medicinal products, brand-name and generic medicines alike.

Falsified or counterfeit, medicines visually imitate authentic medicines in all respects, but their composition is unverified (i.e. do not contain any active ingredient or in insufficient quantity), which makes them inherently dangerous.

We at Servier are committed to combatting counterfeit medicinal products. Our program includes:

– Strong internal organization to facilitate the detection and analysis of suspect products in the shortest possible time.

– A network of external contacts in cooperation with customs officials and health authorities. Joint actions with other pharmaceutical laboratories through associations such as EFPIA ( and PSI (Pharmaceutical Security Institute –

– System of security/authentication measures for certain products and in certain countries.

Servier does not sell it’s products on the Internet. If you are unsure about the authenticity of a Servier medication, please contact us.