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Contribute to enriching the medical value of our current and future therapeutic solutions. Foster knowledge sharing with scientific experts and patient associations to optimize therapeutic practices that serve patient needs.

Joining the medical affairs team at Servier means:

  • Providing quality and transparent information to patients and healthcare professionals on the use of our medicines (Medical Information Department)
  • Identifying new scientific and medical needs and contributing to improving knowledge of our medicines and medical practice. E.g. real-life patient studies.
  • Presenting new objective data to the scientific community, and thus promoting the knowledge sharing. E.g. scientific publications, partnerships with scientific societies, symposia, medical educational courses…
  • Providing a mouthpiece for patients in our activities. E.g. collaborating with patients during the development of our projects and collecting their experiences subsequently.
  • Contributing to the medical evaluation of new therapeutic opportunities in relation to medical needs (Strategic and Medical Valuation Department)

Key figures


inquiries dealt with by the Medical Information Department


publications released in collaboration with other departments such as R&D


international symposia and expert meetings held


international medical education events provided


molecules assessed with the R&D and business licensing departments