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If you suspect that you are suffering from a health issue related to taking a Servier medicine or any other healthcare product, please feel free to contact us by using the contact area on our website.


Our group’s commitment is to continuously ensure the quality of our medicines while monitoring side effects and situations of risk for the safety of patients such as misuse, medication errors, as well as use of medicines outside their marketing authorizations.

Side effects are not always detectable in clinical trials, which are carried out on a relatively small sample of patients. However, once the product is placed on the market and administered to a greater number of patients, certain side effects and adverse events may emerge.

That is why, along with other pharmaceutical groups, we dedicate resources to monitoring and evaluating all risks associated with our medicinal products.


Our pharmacovigilance department, which numbers more than 200 people around the globe, is solely dedicated to detecting and evaluating risks. In addition, they are responsible for proposing and developing measures to reduce such risks.

We operate in total transparency with the Health Authorities of the countries where our medicinal products are available. We stay in close communication and keep each other apprised of any adverse events or issues that may arise after taking one of our treatments. In this way we work together to continuously improve patient safety.

Furthermore, all employees at Servier undergo pharmacovigilance training. As such, they are better empowered to raise the alert on any possible side effects pertaining to our products.