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Our supply chain

Flexible Supply Chain for better access

With clients spread across the world, increasingly stringent regulations, and ever more complex products and flows, Supply Chain control is a vital prerequisite of value creation for companies in the pharmaceutical industry.


Our Supply Chain at Servier covers the entire production cycle, from the manufacture of active substances to the dispatch of products from our factories.

We are committed to providing our clients with the right product at the right time, in the right place, and at the lowest cost. To achieve this, our Supply Chain needs to be even more agile, flexible, and fast, with minimal environmental impact.


We have thus embarked on an ambitious transformation program specifically aimed to ensure the individual traceability of our medicines and reduce distribution costs. We believe that organizing distribution through a network of regional hubs will improve the quality and flexibility of our services, reduce costs, and secure our distribution operations.

Ultimately, our goal is to continuously improve the value proposition of our Supply Chain. Examples include real-time management for the distribution of products, diversified distribution channels including e-commerce, a premium service guaranteeing less than 24-hour delivery, and a Supply chain prioritizing environmentally-friendly modes of transport, such as by water instead of air.