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Our production


We have always combined the manufacture of medicinal products with specialized industrial R&D teams. Consequently, industrial R&D activities take place at our production sites. In this way we can optimise flow management throughout the manufacturing process and control the quality of our medicines. These activities are currently carried out in France and Spain for the most part, but will soon be set up in China and Russia.


In the last five years, our Industry and R&D divisions have stepped up their efforts to bring in a number of partnerships in the biotechnology field. This dynamic took on new impetus with the decision to internalize the development of biomedicines for clinical studies, predominantly in the field of oncology. Biomedicine production is set to kick off this year at our Gidy site in France.


At Servier, we have opted for proximity and integration. Over the past 60 years our Group has opened 16 production sites in 150 countries, so we can stay in close proximity to our 100 million patients and 2,960 clients (subsidiaries, partners, hospitals, wholesalers, and distributors). This also makes it possible to secure transport safety and guarantee deadline compliance.

To have and maintain appropriate control over the quality and safety of our products, we have chosen to limit outsourcing and integrate all activities within our industrial network. This means that we control a product’s journey from industrial R&D all the way up to batch release.