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Pancreatic cancer: a new treatment available for Argentine patients


Pancreatic cancer: a new treatment available for Argentine patients

On October 6, 2021, Servier announced the launch in Argentina of a new treatment for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Argentina is the first Latin American country in which Servier has launched a treatment for this type of cancer. This is the third medicine launched by Servier in Argentina in oncology.

Pancreatic cancer in Argentina has an incidence of 4,900 new cases per year, with high mortality rates. It is the 4th cause of death by cancer and accounts for 6.9% of all deaths from cancer in Argentina.1


“The arrival of this new treatment in Argentina is excellent news for patients,” said Nelson Da Conceicao, General Manager of Servier Argentina. “The medical need for the treatment to fight pancreatic cancer is particularly strong, with limited therapeutic alternatives.”


To meet the growing need for therapeutic solutions, Servier has made oncology one of its top priorities, investing 50% of its annual R&D budget in this field starting in 2020/2021.2  These investments in R&D are complemented by major acquisitions, in order to increase the Group’s arsenal in oncology. In the past four years, Servier has acquired Shire’s oncology business (2018), Symphogen (2020), a Danish company specialized in monoclonal antibodies, and the oncology division of Agios Pharmaceuticals (2021).


“The availability of this medicine in Argentina marks an important step forward in Servier’s ambition to become a renowned player in oncology. The Group’s major involvement in the fight against cancer is now reflected in seven treatments available to patients worldwide,″ said Emmanuel Pradère, Director of the Oncology Franchise at Servier.



Pancreatic cancer is a cancer of the pancreatic gland, which is located behind the stomach and secretes digestive enzymes. Although relatively rare, its incidence is increasing in industrialized countries. Although its causes are not well-known, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are factors that contribute to its development. A diet too rich in fats and proteins, as well as obesity and diabetes are other risk factors.

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Infographic on Servier Argentina

1 https://www.argentina.gob.ar/salud/instituto-nacional-del-cancer/estadisticas/incidencia.

2 Excluding generics activities


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