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Our key Figures

22,000 employees

in 149 countries, including 5,000 in France.

98% of Servier drugs

active principles are synthesized in its own plant in Bolbec-Baclair in France.

100 Million patients

treated daily with Servier medicinal products and generics.

5 major R&D areas

cardiovascular, immune-inflammatory and neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer and diabetes.

33 drug candidates

in research and development, including 23 new molecular entities.

15 international centers of clinical development

and 3 research centers.

16 chemical and pharmaceutical production sites

producing chemicals and pharmaceuticals worldwide.

€4,2 billion euros in revenue

comprising €2.9 billion for branded drugs and €1.3 billion for generics.

25 % of turnover from Servier drugs is invested in R&D

excluding generics.

No. 1 independant french pharmaceutical company

no. 33 in the world; 3 research centres including 2 in France.

No.1 in cardiology in France

no. 2 in Europe, No. 5 in the world.


2nd leading preferred partner for research centers conducting clinical trials

According to CenterWatch rankings from March 2017, based on a total of 23 pharmaceutical companies


Servier earned the highest score of A3++

As in previous years, this high score represents excellence in honoring financial commitments.


Participation reached 36,6% of the trade balance surplus in France

In pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, amouting to €1.4 billion.