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Our key Figures

22,000 employees

in 66 countries, including 5,000 in France.

98% of Servier medicines

active ingredients are synthesized in its own plant in Bolbec-Baclair in France.

100 million patients

treated each day worldwide with Servier medicines.

5 major R&D areas

cardiovascular, immune-inflammatory and neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer and diabetes.

30 drug candidates

in clinical development, including 16 new molecular entities.

A strong international presence

95% of revenue from brand-name medicines.

16 chemical and pharmaceutical production sites

15 International Centers for Therapeutic Research

and 3 research institutes (2 in France and 1 in Hungary).

€4,615 billion euros in revenue

comprising €3.2 billion for brand-name medicines and €1.4 billion for generic medicines.

25 % of revenue from brand-name medicines invested in R&D

each year on average, excluding generics.

No. 1 independent French pharmaceutical company

33rd largest pharmaceutical company worldwide.

A leader position in cardiology in France

no. 2 in Europe, No. 6 in the world [1].

Participation reached 23,2% of the trade balance surplus in France

In pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals (brand-name medicines), amounting to €1.5 billion.

Our key figures as of September 30th, 2019


[1] Source: IQVA, Analytics Link – MAT Q3-2019: 74 countries.