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Supplier relationship

We are committed to responsible procurement, and make sure to select our suppliers according to their ethical and compliance practices and to develop responsible relationships with them.

At Servier, we ensure that we act ethically with our business partners. We work with honesty, fairness and loyalty in our professional and commercial dealings. The partnerships we are developing reflect our commitment to maintain a constant contact with all stakeholders involved in medical research and progress in order to support the growth of innovation.

We ensure that our suppliers provide and possess improvement plans on social responsibility and corruption prevention. In addition, we recognize competition as a driver for innovation and, more broadly, for corporate development. We ensure that the conditions for legitimate and fair competition are respected.


Policies and procedures:

In any commercial relationship with Servier, suppliers are expected to adhere to and respect the principles set out in our Ethical Charter.

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In accordance with our Ethical Charter and in order to develop a responsible relationship with our suppliers’ network, we want to ensure that our suppliers share and contribute to our commitments:



Limitation of economic dependance


Prevention of corruption

Prevention of influence peddling


CSR committment

Prevention of risks related to serious human rights violations, human health and safety, environment.


GDPR compliance

Servier is committed to protecting your privacy and to respecting your personal data


Respect of duty of care