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Servier strengthens its presence in the US

Servier is strengthening its presence in the United States, the world’s premier market for pharmaceutical products[1]  and a key market in the field of oncology. Having been active in America for several years through public and private partnerships, in 2018 Servier opened the Servier Bioinnovation office and launched Servier Pharmaceuticals, the spearhead of the Group’s commercial activity in the United States. These new ventures signify a major step forward for Servier’s intention of establishing a long-lasting position in the country. They represent a twofold strategic objective for the Group: to treat even more patients with innovative medicines throughout the world and to become a leading global player in oncology.

[1] The United States represents 47% of the global market for healthcare products.


Servier BioInnovation

The United States, and notably the Boston region, are a tremendous breeding ground of innovation for pharmaceutical players. This is why, in February 2018, Servier opened its first office – Servier Bioinnovation. Situated at the heart of the global life sciences hub in Cambridge, the goal of this office is to support R&D opportunities and to intensify the activities of Business Development and Licenses in the United States. By identifying new technologies and therapies in America, Servier BioInnovation is an effective driving force for Research within the Group.

Servier BioInnovation is the first link in the Servier International Research Network (SIRN). The aim of this new network is to increase the visibility of the Group, attract talent and establish R&D partnerships through dedicated representatives in the best global centers of innovation.

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Servier Pharmaceuticals

By means of Servier Pharmaceuticals, Servier is bringing its commercial power in the United States. Based in Boston, the task of this new subsidiary is, on the one hand, to develop a strong commercial territory in America, by relying on Servier’s existing portfolio, and, on the other hand, to enhance this portfolio with innovative products that are already on the market or are on the point of being marketed.

Acquisition of the oncology branch of Shire

Appointment of David Lee

Public and private partnerships

The Group is involved with over a dozen research alliances with American partners: biotech firms, pharmaceutical laboratories, startup companies, scientific organizations and prestigious academic centers, such as Harvard.

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Servier in the U.S. at a glance




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