Our products

First and foremost at Servier, we specialise in medicinal products. Our primary focus is and always has been researching, developing, fine-tuning, and marketing innovative therapeutics, also known as originator drugs.


For nearly 50 years our medicines have been the fruits of our R&D labour. Over the past decade, we have been forging agreements with other companies in order to access novel treatments. We also manufacture high-quality generics through our independent subsidiaries, Biogaran, Egis, and Pharlab.


And because we believe in a comprehensive approach to healthcare, we offer eHealth solutions to oversee the entire course of patient care, from prevention to follow-up. Our medicines and therapeutic solutions are designed to address unmet medical needs in our five areas of excellence: cardiovascular and immune-inflammatory diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, oncology and diabetes.

Our portfolio of Servier medicines consists of some 20 families of medicines in our fields of expertise.

In order to make high-quality medicines more widely available and accessible, we have a Generics business to complement our core Servier-brand product activity.

We now live in a time where eHealth services represent the most capable way of providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare. They are uniquely positioned to manage and take account of the entire patient pathway, from prevention to follow-up.

Counterfeit medicines are responsible for nearly 1 million deaths each year. We have set up a strong internal program to continuously combat the counterfeiting of medicinal products.