Human relations


Nicolas Bouts

Executive Vice-President Human Ressources

At Servier, human relations have always been at the heart of our corporate culture: our teams cultivate goodwill, sharing and respect on a daily basis. The success of our projects rests on the strength of these relationships.”


An environment favourable to ideas and talents


Our independence comes with an immense responsibility: We are all protectors of Servier and we must all work together for the performance and sustainability of the Group. We rely on the talent of our people and the potential of our projects. By creating an environment favourable to ideas and talents, we foster individual and collective fulfillment, our Group’s core strength. Our capital is human, not financial.

We are a group of men and women who take pride in doing our part to care for people, soothe or alleviate conditions, and save lives. Our collaborators are all driven by shared values, committed to our vocation, and guided by a common vision.


Experience a relationship of long-term trust


With Servier, you can experience a long-term relationship of trust that will encourage you to maximise your qualities and refine and further develop your skills.

Starting with an individually tailored integration path, you can share what you are passionate about with teams committed to therapeutic progress for the benefit of patients.
You can build a rich and varied professional career, in France and abroad. Servier is involved at each stage of the drug chain and brings together all fields of research and development, manufacture, promotion, and transversal activities.

We are currently reinventing ourselves so as to better fulfil our purpose and help provide future generations with a world where quality health care is available to all.

When you join the Servier Group, you become one of the driving forces of this purpose!


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