Servier’s clinical trials

Transparency in clinical trials for R&D for the benefit of patients


We want our research to contribute to medical progress. Transparency in clinical trials is fundamental to improving our knowledge of drugs. Data sharing should contribute to improving public health while respecting patients’ rights.
For this, we comply with European and American standards in terms of transparency.
The clinical reports of our studies are gradually made public and used to obtain new marketing authorizations in Europe.


Our clinical trials website

We comply with The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations’ (EFPIA) 5 clinical-trial transparency principles in our clinical trials


1 – For new medicines marketed in Europe and the United States, we provide researchers with access to our clinical data through our Data Request Portal. This also includes authorized new indications.
2 – Our studies involving patients are recorded in public registers and summaries of study results up to 2004 are made available to the public.
3 – We are committed to disseminating our results summaries to the general public in readily accessible and understandable language.
4 – We publish the results of our studies, whether positive or negative, in scientific literature.
5 – We hereby certify that we have the necessary policies and procedures in place to apply these principles within our company.