The industrial quality of our medicines

Ensuring patient safety through quality

At Servier, the safety of patients and the high quality of industrial drug manufacture are our chief concerns. We guarantee the same level of quality and therapeutic effectiveness of our medicines irrespective of where they were manufactured around the world. The vast majority of our active ingredients are manufactured in France. Furthermore, we operate in strict compliance with the most stringent international standards of quality and traceability.

Our safety and quality policy is coordinated by our industry quality department. Their mission hinges on four main objectives:


1) Secure the control and consistency of quality practices at our sites


Over 10 years ago we set up a program of internal inter-site audits. Therefore, we are able to evaluate the performance of a site from a quality point of view as well as assess data integrity and team engagement. Through this program we can ensure consistent quality within our industrial network, share best practices, and maintain our policy of continuous improvement.


2) Manufacture medicines in accordance with national and international regulations


Our production sites are regularly subject to and pass inspections conducted by the health authorities of the countries in which we operate.


3) Guarantee the quality of our raw materials and packaging items


The quality of raw materials and items provided by our suppliers is ensured through inspection policies, periodic reviews, and quality performance indicators.


4) Combat counterfeiting


To better prevent and safeguard against health risks related to the consumption of fake medicines, we are involved in efforts to combat the manufacture and marketing of counterfeit medicinal products.


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