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Servier, the best place to start and grow!

At Servier, we have always been committed to supporting Young Talents. As our apprentices recruitment campaign for 2023-2024 is in full swing, I am excited to share the steps my team and I have taken to enhance the experience of our Young Talents at every stage of their journey. Our goal is to create a positive and inclusive atmosphere that fosters growth, builds connections, and helps them succeed in their careers. We believe that the choices of their first professional experiences are fundamental and could make a difference for the rest of their career. We are dedicated to sharing with them the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our objective as the Early Talent Acquisition & Campus Team is to create a positive atmosphere before, during, and after the Servier experience, and build a talent pool. To achieve this, our team has developed a five-point strategy that covers every stage of the Young Talent journey: Attract, Recruit, Onboard, Develop, and Retain.

Attracting Young Talents is crucial for Servier, and we have taken a multi-pronged approach. We engage in direct approach by conducting events and various courses at schools and universities, hosting speakers from Servier to discuss their professions, and providing students with real-world case studies. In addition, we provide courses called “The Keys to a Successful Career.” This course is designed to help students and young graduates prepare their application materials, from defining their professional goals to crafting a standout resume and cover letter, and preparing for interviews. We believe that supporting students and young graduates develop the skills they need to succeed, is key to helping them achieve their career goals.

We also offer a tailor-made “Let’s talk about my job” format to respond to students’ requests for specific information on certain jobs. These events offer students the chance to learn about our company, meet our employees, and gain valuable insight into the pharmaceutical industry. We believe that these interactions are essential in cultivating relationships with potential candidates and raising awareness of Servier as an employer of choice.

Recruiting the best Young Talents is important, and we are proud to have over 500 young professionals currently working with us, including students, young researchers, and V.I.Es. The recruitment is made by our local HR teams and my team, starting with hard skills assessments with their future manager, and ending with soft skills evaluations by the HR teams.

Onboarding is a fundamental step in ensuring that our Young Talent feel at home at Servier. To this end, we have created welcome sessions, which are not mandatory but offered to all new students four times a year. These sessions are designed to foster connections, develop soft skills and creativity, including activities and games.

We also invest in our Young Talents’ development by offering soft skills trainings and workshops, such as public speaking workshops, both in person and remotely to include as many people as possible. We have created communities for our students and V.I.Es to facilitate networking and connections, and we organize online events to help them bond and form friendships across the world.

Finally, we aim to offer our Young Talents the keys to success and the opportunity to grow with us. We gather feedbacks from managers of our V.I.Es six months before the end of their contracts to offer them permanent positions suited to their skills. We plan to extend this feedback program to our interns and apprentices soon.

We are excited to continue our commitment to Young Talents with our ongoing recruitment campaign for 2023-2024. We have nearly 170 apprentice positions available, as well as 80 V.I.E positions. My team and I are passionate about attracting and developing our future Talents, helping them to succeed in their careers, and giving them a deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical industry diverse professions and career opportunities.

We believe that Servier is the best place for Young Talents to start and grow, and we take pride in being a part of their journey as they make decisive career choices. Together, we can help shape the next generation of professionals in the pharmaceutical industry.

Macha Delard
Early Talent Acquisition & Campus Director chez Servier

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