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Mécénat Servier Charity Fund celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Founded in November 2016, Mécénat Servier has completed 3 successful years of activity!

The Group’s corporate philanthropy actions reflect its position as a responsible corporate citizen. By supporting non-profit organizations and associations, these initiatives enable employees to participate in this commitment.

Infogrpahics on the 3 years of Servier Mécénat


On the occasion of this anniversary, (re)discover Mécénat Servier’s main initiatives:

Skills-based sponsorship

Since 2017, 281 French, Vietnamese and Cambodian employees have donated their time and shared their personal or professional skills by participating in a mission of general interest for a partner association.

Congé Solidaire®

Since 2018, 74 Group employees have been able to participate in several international solidarity missions: teaching French in Madagascar, providing social and educational assistance in Benin, protecting biodiversity in the Philippines… Truly inspiring and engaging!

The Solidarity Seminar

Since 2019, this original format offers different departments the opportunity to collectively participate in a solidarity action while reinforcing team bonding. More than 200 employees have already participated in such seminars.

The Rounding up salary

The platform microDON launched in October 2019 allows employees in France to make a monthly micro-donation to one of the partner associations, deducted directly from their monthly salary.

14.5% employees signed up in the first month, surpassing the average statistics for such projects in other companies. Mécénat Servier will contribute by matching the sum of donations collected throughout the year.

Joint initiatives

In 2019, Mécénat Servier financed two projects called joint initiatives supported by the Group’s subsidiaries in collaboration with local associations: the partnership with Techo association will help build emergency shelters in the favelas of 8 Latin American countries; the partnership with Arithmetic of Good Foundation will help children in 85 orphanages in Russia in their personal and professional development.


Did you know?

Beyond these charity activities, Mécénat Servier also manages other projects of public interest. Our partnership with the Cuomo Centre for Paediatric Cardiology in Dakar, a centre for surgery and care of children suffering from heart diseases has enabled 445 open-heart operations.