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The Servier Institute: promoting research and medical progress


The Servier Institute: promoting research and medical progress

The Servier Institute is a non-profit association which perpetuates the values ​​of Servier: to promote research in all its forms and medical knowledge, in order to contribute to medical progress and patients’ well-being.

The Servier Institute aims to encourage and promote scientific exchange between the medical profession, the health industry, universities and large research organizations, particularly in the field of basic and applied therapeutic research.

The Servier Institute holds annual scientific conferences on current and future topics in the medical field such as nanotechnology or therapeutic innovations in the areas of stroke, memory, obesity or even more recently osteoarthritis.

The Servier Institute forms partnerships with organizations or international scientific societies dedicated to promoting medical research or engaged in major medical causes (cancer, age-related diseases, disabilities, etc.). The Servier Institute also assigns subsidies to foundations or associations recognized to be of public utility such as the Entraide Médicale Internationale (EMI) or the Institut de France for their cardiovascular research program.

Research grants are awarded each year. They are intended for physicians, pharmacists or French researchers wishing to acquire further training abroad in the field of medical research — or conversely, for foreign researchers wishing to acquire such training in France. This grant funds one year of research to enable future PhD and post-docs students to receive training at a university hospital in a country different from their own. It also enables scientists in basic or applied research to train in advanced techniques or supplement their international training.

The Servier Institute actively collaborates with several international research institutes, as evidenced by the association with Pasteur-Weizmann. The three institutes pool their resources and their notoriety to promote and support basic research, and in particular the transition from laboratory research to medical therapy. Together, they created the International Prize Pasteur-Weizmann / Servier for biomedical research for therapeutic purposes.

Every three years, this award recognizes scientific and medical research topics of common interest to the Institut Pasteur, the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Institut Servier. A 150 000 Euros grant is awarded to a researcher, doctor or scientist for a major contribution to biomedical discovery leading to a therapeutic application. In 2015, the Scientific Committee chose to award Professor Félix Rey for his work in the fields of virology, study of viruses and infectious agents.

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