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The pharmaceuticals of the future will be made in Servier’s production site Gidy


The pharmaceuticals of the future will be made in Servier’s production site Gidy

Over the past three years, Servier’s Industry and R&D departments have stepped up their efforts to establish a number of biotech partnerships. The goal is to strengthen the Group’s R&D portfolio by exploring innovative new targeted therapies using biomedicine to treat a wide array of diseases and meet demand in oncology, a pillar of Servier’s therapeutic strategy. Last year, the Group gained new momentum with the decision to insource development and production of biomedicine for clinical trials. “This will make us more self-sufficient and responsive while bringing down production costs. It will also grow our in-house expertise and unlock know-how and intellectual property,” explains Marielle Anger-Leroy, Biotechnology Industrial Development Director. “Having our own production capacity allows us to tackle more ambitious projects.”

The Gidy site was chosen as the location for the new unit, named Bio S, which will be set up on the revamped premises of the current UP3 facility.

The next steps:

The process development facility for monoclonal antibodies (bio-engineering) will be running by mid-2019. The rest of the unit, covering all stages to deliver injectable drugs, will be operational in 2020. Several working groups have already been put in place to determine the full range of project specifications.

A pilot laboratory was set up in Dublin in fall 2016 to test project feasibility.

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