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Subscription to the second scientific days conference organized by L’Institut Servier


Subscription to the second scientific days conference organized by L’Institut Servier

The second Scientific Days conference organized by L’Institut Servier will be held on 22 and 23 November.
The Scientific Days will be held over 2 days and is dedicated to sharing and promoting medical science. The first day will be the “Laureate Symposium”, and the second to a scientific symposium.

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Laureate Symposium
Created in 2016, the “Laureate Symposium” offers former Institut Servier grant holders who have finished their postdoc the chance to present their work and their future research in public, in the presence and with the support of thesis supervisors from France and abroad.
It allows young researchers the chance to share therapeutic advances with heads of laboratory and research directors, in particular in the fields of cardiovascular medicine, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, immunology and inflammation.
This year the symposium will bring together grant holders who have worked in the field of cardiology.

L’Institut Servier Colloquium
Each year L’Institut Servier scientific symposia cover current and future trends in medicine, such as nanotechnologies and new treatments in the fields of stroke, memory, obesity or, even more recently, osteoarthritis. This year the 17th L’Institut Servier Scientific Colloquium will examine “Precision Medicine and Targeted Treatments: Realities and Possibilities”, and will be organised by Prof Dominique Bellet and Prof Jean-Paul Tillement.

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L’Institut Servier Scientific Days are open to all, with registration until 7 October on the website http://institut-servier.com/en/inscription-journees-scientifiques.

“Since 2000, in total, 210 talented young researchers have received travel grants. L’Institut Servier Scientific Days enable effective dialogue among three generations of pre-eminent researchers. We are very proud to contribute to the sharing of knowledge, the goal of which is to advance medical research for the benefit of patients.” – Béatrice Guardiola-Lemaitre, Delegate-General of L’Institut Servier.

To know more about L’Institut Servier:

– Official website: www.institut-servier.com
– Article: To promote research and progress in medicine.

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