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Servier performance approach celebrated in Arklow


Servier performance approach celebrated in Arklow

As the first subsidiary to adopt the SPI, 5 years ago, Servier Ireland – located in Arklow – celebrates this friday, March 27th, Servier’s performance approach: the Servier Performance Improvement also know as the SPI.

A Performance approach by and for People

Since its creation in 1954, Servier has always considered the development of its employees as a goal in itself. SPI performance approach is consistent with Servier’s philosophy as it participates to the common goal of supporting employee development while improving the company’s competitiveness.

To support its collaborators in their personal development, Servier sought to increase each individual’s involvement within the company. Focus was put on developing skills, improving ways of working while guaranteeing good working conditions for all and ensuring fulfilling work for everyone.

In terms of improving competitiveness, the Group is implementing a range of tools to reduce costs, time to market and deadlines while producing quality products and encouraging innovation.

The success of the SPI performance approach is based on several key values that unite every collaborator around this action: enthusiasm, passion, simplicity, ownership and accountability.

First initiated five years ago, the SPI has since enhanced the Group’s performance. From a competitive point of view, Servier was able to lower its production costs by 7% over the past five years,while also earning 30% on-time production. This performance stems directly from collaborators’s empowerment and their adherence to the Group’s performance policy.

The approach that started in Arklow five years ago will continue to spread to different structures within the Group and around the world in the coming years. It will pick up steam as it improves the global competitiveness of Servier as well as supports the Servier women and men in their career development within the Group.

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