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Servier opens the doors of its subsidiary Oril Industrie to outsourcing


Servier opens the doors of its subsidiary Oril Industrie to outsourcing

Oril Industrie in Bolbec Oril Industrie, Servier’s production unit located in Bolbec Seine-Maritime, opens its doors and offers its outsourcing capabilities to third parties.

The announcement was made by Christian Sauveur, Industry President of Servier, on March 11th during a joint press conference with the Union of Chemical Industries in Bolbec. “Our factory in Bolbec (Normandy), will also produce active ingredients for other laboratories”, explained Christian Sauveur. Servier will be able to manufacture existing molecules or develop new active ingredients for third parties

Christian Sauveur, Industry President of Servier

Servier intends to share both its expertise in fine chemicals and its cutting-edge facilities in order to provide future customers with quality active ingredients. The active ingredients are the main components of a drug; They are the ingredients with the therapeutic effect.

Servier’s production unit in Bolbec manufactures 99% of the active ingredients used in Servier-manufactured medicines, which are prescribed in 146 countries. According to Christian Sauveur “producing internally is a guarantee for Servier to get quality drugs and a way to avoid stockouts.” The site produces 1,600 tons of active ingredients per year and employs 800 people. Twenty different active ingredients are manufactured by Oril Industry.


Oril Industrie in Bolbec

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