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Servier in Brazil


Servier in Brazil

In 2016, Servier do Brasil celebrates its 40th anniversary. On this occasion, President of Servier Olivier Laureau visited Brazil in June and laid out the company’s vision for its future development and partnerships in the country.

Servier do Brazil Establishment of the Group in Brazil

Servier has been active in Brazil since 1976. Servier do Brasil is headquartered at the Jacarepagua site near Rio de Janeiro along with an industrial production unit which employs 78 people and a clinical research unit that employs over 550 people. The modern and environmentally friendly new site with its architecture inspired by traditional Brazilian residences opened in 2009. Since 2012, Servier is also present in the brazilian generics market with the acquisition of 80% of Pharlab.

In 2015, Servier ranked 13th on the market of reference pharmaceutical companies and 30th on the total market (including the generics companies). Servier do Brasil is focused on two main therapeutic areas: diabetes and cardiology.

With its experience in Brazil and its unique expertise, Servier has the ambition to expand its generic activity in other markets in Latin America and other parts of the world by adapting its business model to the specificities of each country.

Research and Development in Brazil

The first stage in establishing Servier in Brazil was to prioritize contacts and exchanges with the major medical centres in university towns. It enabled the company to better identify the country’s medical needs and work with its specialist physicians.

Collaboration with the university hospitals was based on the development of medicines issued by Servier Research. At first, this activity focused on two main therapeutic areas: diabetes (which is very prevalent in this country) and cardiovascular diseases.

Two International Centres for Therapeutic Research (ICTRs) were built to organize the presence of Servier in Latin America and develop research activities: one in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and the other in Argentina.

The ICTRs are responsible for performing local and international clinical studies. They are currently participating in programs in every therapeutic areas targeted by Servier, particularly in oncology, cardiology, Alzheimer’s disease and orphan diseases.

Servier’s commitments in Brazil

The Servier – Fiocruz partnership (Fundaçao Oswaldo Cruz)

An international cooperation agreement was signed on 8 October 2014 between the Brazilian Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), Servier do Brasil, the Servier Research Institute and Servier Group in order to establish scientific and technical cooperation and develop programs, projects and activities in the fields of research, technological development, production, quality and the environment.

Founded on May 25th 1900 under the name Federal Serum Therapy Institute, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) was established in order to address Brazil’s major public health problems. The activities of Fiocruz include research, technological development and innovation, production of vaccines, medicines, reagents and diagnostic kits, clinical research, provision of renowned health services, education and training of human resources, provision of information and communications, product quality control and the implementation of social programmes. Fiocruz is an institution of excellence and innovation that employs more than 12,000 people.

The partnership has enabled the creation of a counterfeit detection program. Servier and FIOCRUZ have joined forces in order to produce an anti-ischemic drug by 2016 and to discover new pharmacologically active molecules. Molecules supplied by Fiocruz will be tested on targets proposed by Servier and Fiocruz, particularly in the field of oncology.

Creation of the Sergio Ferreira Prize

The Professor Sergio Ferreira Prize is a joint initiative between Servier do Brasil and the Brazilian Society of Cardiology. By naming the award after Sergio Ferreira (Hospital das Clínicas complex – University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto), the two organisations wished to pay tribute to one of the most famous Brazilian researchers. This prize rewards clinical research in the domain of hypertension. The first edition of the prize was awarded at the Cardiology Society of Sao Paulo (SOCESP) congress in June 2015.

Servier’s goals for the next five years are to expand its portfolio in cardiology, to launch two major innovations in oncology and a major therapeutic innovation in diabetes in partnership with Intarcia.

In the coming years, Servier also aims at:

– intensifying partnership agreements with Brazilian public organizations such as the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ) whose mission is to fight against the most important public health problems in Brazil;

– enriching partnerships with Brazilian scientific institutions of reference such as INCOR (Cardiology) and INCA (Oncology), two renowned institutions in Latin America;

– contribute to the recognition of research with the Sergio Ferreira Prize and Servier Institute research scholarships;

– pursue and develop exchange programs between the two countries.

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