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Servier, a key player in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia


Servier, a key player in the pharmaceutical sector in Russia

A leader in Russia’s prescription drugs market, Servier has been present in the country for over 30 years and has continued to expand its business by opening a production site in 2007 in Sophyno.

After visiting Canada, China and Brazil, Servier President Olivier Laureau continues his tour of the Group’s main locations worldwide in April 2015 by visiting the various locations of the Servier Group in Russia.



It is under the leadership of Dr. Jacques Servier that Servier signed their first research partnership agreement with Russian clinical research centers in 1984. These first partnerships were a continuation of healthcare collaborations established in the early 1980s between France and Russia, precisely between the National Institute of Health and Medical Research («Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale » or INSERM) and the Russian research centers. Then in 1992, the first Group subsidiary in Russia, ZAO Servier, was created.

During the Russian financial crisis in the late 1990s, Servier chose to keep its activities in the country maintaining employment and reinforcing its commitment to Russia.

Besides its activities of promotion and training in its subsidiary, Servier Russia developed its research arm by opening an International Centre for Therapeutic Research (ICTR) in 1999. This research center allows, in collaboration with the biggest Russian research centers, to implement and monitor numerous clinical studies allowing the registration of its drugs with health authorities.

In 2007, Servier furthered its development in Russia by opening the Serdix production site in Sophyno, in the Moscow region. Today, it accounts for 85% of the needs of the Russian market for Servier medicines.



The Servier Group now has a broad presence in Russia with over 1,200 employees.

Servier has a subsidiary ZAO Servier, an International Centre for Therapeutic Research and a production center. EGIS, the Hungarian Servier subsidiary specializing in generic medicines is also present on the Russian market.

ZAO Servier

1st international subsidiary in 2014, ZAO Servier is the private market leader for Russian prescriptions drugs and contributes to up to 10% of the Group’s turnover. Servier is the leading laboratory in the country in the cardiovascular field. Taken as a whole, its activities cover more than 75% of the territory of the Russian Federation.

Serdix, Servier Russia’s production site

Established in 2007, the Servier production site is located in Sophyno, about fifty kilometers from Moscow where manufacturing and packaging activities are conducted. This site is known for its very high production quality, with a level of requirements equal to European standards. This has drawn interest from other companies wishing to benefit from this expertise by entrusting Serdix with some of their drugs’ production.

For all of its locations, Servier always puts an emphasis on collaborators’ well-being as it seeks to “encourage everyone’s fulfillment through and in what they do.” In addition to the working conditions on the site, Servier supports its collaborators in their career development.

As a result, Serdix currently employs 161 people with a turnover of only 3% in a Russian labor market where unemployment is 0.4% and the average turnover of the country is 25%.

With these favorable work conditions, success is partly due to local recruitment, and in no small measure to the strong development of the corporate culture through regular training, the diversity of the professions, career prospects and the numerous local events that involve everyone in the company’s life.

EGIS, Servier’s Hungarian subsidiary specializing in generic medicines is present in Russia

Founded in 1913 in Budapest, EGIS has a representative office in Russia and several regional offices since 1999. In 1995, Servier entered EGIS capital and since 2013 is the sole shareholder of the company. EGIS exports its medicines to Russia since 1948 and Russia is its biggest market.

Recognized in the industry for the quality of its generics production, EGIS operates in Russia in different therapeutic areas namely cardiovascular, central nervous system and respiratory system. In recent years, the company has invested new areas such as oncology and gastroenterology.





“Health 2020” and  “Pharma 2020”

Between 2014 and 2020, two major projects will support the development of the healthcare sector in Russia: “Health 2020” and “Pharma 2020” projects.

The Russian ministry of Health and the ministry of Industry and Commerce jointly announced the establishment of plans to develop and improve healthcare access for the population. They also intend to promote Russian productions for the pharmaceutical industry. The Russian status of its Serdix production subsidiary will allow Servier to play a part in the development of the pharmaceutical sector in Russia.

The creation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) in 2015

Following the dissolution of the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC) in October 2014, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia decided to create the EEU, with the possibility for other countries to join the union. Similar to the EU model, the idea is to allow free movement of goods in these territories.

In the field of health and pharmaceuticals, this common market represents a real opportunity. The centralization of applications for marketing authorization (MA) in the form of mutual recognition is considered as part of the union’s framework. Thus, a marketing authorization should be granted for all member countries if it is or has been issued in one of these countries.

The Serdix team that welcomed Olivier Laureau during his visit to Russia on April 23rd 2015

First subsidiary of the Servier group that contributed in 2014 to 10% of the turnover of the group, the favorable results of the Russian subsidiary are the results of a strong commitment to Russia for over 30 years.

With a desire to bring the human values of the Group to the forefront, Servier has opted to focus on the development of its employees, within and through the company to become a key player in healthcare in Russia.

The bet paid off. There are now more than 1,200 Servier collaborators in Russia. The Group benefits from a leading position on the prescription drug market and a leading position in the cardiovascular field.

Today, 3 main activities are carried out by Servier in Russia: clinical research, production and promotion. With an International Centre for Therapeutic Research, a production site and a promotional activity for its medicines on the one hand and generic medicines on the other covering 75% of the territory of the Russian Federation, Servier provides therapeutic solutions to Russian patients in the fields of cardiology, metabolism, as well as neuropsychiatry, rheumatology and soon in oncology.

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